The San Francisco Bay Guardian describes the music as "Bombay Zeppelin. "Imagine Jimmy Page and Robert Plant riding through the desert, kicking up dust and camel shit at some Cairo bazaar, where Chrissie Hynde is sitting in with Jane's Addiction, playing Black Sabbath and middle-eastern folk music."  The band is fronted by singer, songwriter & guitarist Biachi Notaro, and completing the sound are Joe Birtola on bass, Anthony Verdier on drums & Nissim Aharon on keys & programming.

Online Rock magazine writes "you cannot categorize the music yet the music has a pop sensibility and the performances are passionate and sincere."  The band has an amazing ability to speak to their audiences." 1340 Magazine writes "the music is at once tough, lush and hypnotic."  

Castles In Spain have released five records with their most recent entitled Reminiscing Chapter Five.

All five releases are available on  I-Tunes

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